DJ Christiaan Ercolano

christiaan ercolano

Entertainer, DJ, dancing-machine

Christiaan has been at the cutting edge of NZ hip-hop, R&B, and house since before the internet

As half of 'House of Downtown’, signed to Universal Music, he has two top 40 albums under his belt, and extensive experience in exciting all sizes of crowd. Christiaan has toured internationally and is recognised for his stunning live shows such as the legendary 4 turntable performances

…if that's not enough, as 'Crispy Fresh' he brings the funny to national TV and radio, which means he's fully loaded with his alternative MCing skills for any event

Christiaan is in his natural environment in a party, weaving classic funk, breaks, house and damn right crazy early NZ hip-hop with the freshest cuts, Christiaan is an instant atmosphere

Christiaan's musical knowledge and experience span several decades, and are an asset for anything from the exclusive late night 40th to the corporate awards show - Enquire about Christiaan