hot jandal music

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Kiwi Electronic Music

Hot Jandal is about the most Kiwi name we could think of to house our various projects as producers, and release them into the wild!

DiCE are generally known for cheeky edits & remixes of tracks, however we have a ton of original music which we often incorporate into our live sets. Without a straight forward option to put the music ‘out there’ we decided to start a record label

Largely a record label to release our own music on, the label is also looking after music from Keith Filo, who is featured on much of DiCE’s original tracks & often works live with DiCE

We’re also open to other New Zealand based artists wanting to release original music.

We don’t want to get too confined to genres, but overall the label is to release electronic music; That can be peak-time floor-fillers, or laid back Sunday vibes - As long as it gets our heads nodding then we’re interested

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