DJ Mark Swann

mark swann

Waiheke local Mark has many tracks in his album of life

Mark stepped behind the decks in the early 2000's, with a unique mixture of Dub, Kiwiana, house and (many) regular obscurities

Before semi-retiring to the island, Mark notched up an impressive repertoire; A resident of many (in)famous local events including Deep, Hard N Funky Festivals, Lazy Sundays, The Supper Club (RIP) and appearances ranging from the depths of Ink bar to the chilled out Sunday vibe of Sale St

With regular airtime on GeorgeFM, Mark went on to co-host the mid-week “Big Big Wednesday” show at the heart of the community, on the well loved Radio Ponsonby

Mark now being the un-processed organic type, he naturally mixes up a pleasurable blend of Funk, Soul, House, hip-hop and dub, covering everything from the surprise 30th to the art gallery launch, he is an understated favourite

Mark can flex his muscles to all genres with a smile and is happy to tailor a unique set to your needs