mark glide

Friction free music

Glide (aka Mark Lloyd) made the move from dance floor to stage in a 3 piece DJ/VJ group in the late 90's, since then he has rapidly progressed his hobby into a full-time addiction

Having regularly been involved with GeorgeFM, Glide made the leap to his own show on Radio Ponsonby when it opened its doors back in 2011

A resident DJ at BritomartFM, transmitting from Takutai Square on long sunny afternoons, and providing breakfast beats for the early morning City Farmer's Market, Glide can be also be found on his weekly Thursday night show on with DJ partner Johnny Winter

Glide's musical tastes are as varied as the venues & parties he has been demanded for – Flight lounge, Marvel, Celcius, The Supper club (RIP), back to the old days of Fu Bar, Grand circle and well as the usual repertoire of birthdays, weddings and corporate gigs ( funerals...yet!)

Glide is not a one trick pony, his DJ ethos is to keep the sound varied, satisfy all the people in the room, mainstream or alternative; Be it the latest Ibiza tunes, the old classics, or anything inbetween

Glide takes pride in bringing a modern twist to old nuggets and blending old with new and believes "It's all about satisfying the crowd, if they're smiling then I'm smiling” - Enquire about Mark